The Ritz Report

The Ritz Report-episode 1

Greetings freedom loving patriots. The first episode of The Ritz Report is now available for your listening pleasure.

On today’s show we discuss:

  1. Vaccines and vaccine madness
  2. The actual risk of death from covid by age group
  3. How the writers over at the Washington Post are finally admitting that you will never be fully vaxxed
  4. The NY Times and how they ignore information on their own website when it doesn’t fit the desired narrative
  5. How the only way to fix the supply chain is to vaccinate the world.
  6. Some inspiring words from our fearless leader Joe Biden (aka Plugs)
  7. Your woke vocabulary word of the day

New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday!

Join me on The Ritz Report to chronicle the fall of the republic with humor and good cheer. =)

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