The Ritz Report

The Ritz Report

cause sometimes all you can do is laugh…
COVID and scummy smurf aka dr. fauci
Just when you thought the little liar was gone for good, he has poked his scummy little smurf head up again. Please go away
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The Trump Indictment should be tossed

Comments related to a DiedSuddenly post on twitter and a doctors take on the dark future we may face. Mayor...

Russian Justice for Donald Trump?

Alexei Nevalny, an outspoken Putin critic was just sentenced to 19 years in a harsh Russian prison for..what for it”Inciting...

Trump Indictments, Biden Crime Family, Devon Archer Testimony

A 77 year old man who has never been in trouble with the law is now facing 78 Felony charges...

The Destructive Indictment Side Show

The Indictment side show is just that. A side show. It is destructive to the country, and the people doing...
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Howdy, y’all and welcome to The Ritz Report. My name is Alex Ritz, your esteemed and exceptionally good-looking host. I started this podcast because I love America and it makes me sad to see what the political class is doing to our country.
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