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The Ritz Report

sometimes all you can do is laugh

COVID and scummy smurf AKA dr. fauci
Just when you thought the little liar was gone for good, he has poked his scummy little smurf head up again. Please go away
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CRAZY stories: Taking your dead family member to the bank, Triggered HS student, Whoopi is dumber than she looks

Hey Folks, A lightning round of crazy stories Bringing your dead family member to the bank! Fun! (Graphic) A student...

Paxlovid and the Lying Liars at Pfizer

Add this to the mountain of lies already told during the pandemic. Its hard to comprehend the level of lying...

Mexicans Go NUTS with their eclipse coverage

Sometimes when you ask for viewer input, you get more than you bargained for. Comedy gold!  ...

Crazy Leftists Go After the Board Games!

The left always has to find something to cry about. Their latest temper tantrum is related to board games and...
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Howdy, y’all and welcome to The Ritz Report. My name is Alex Ritz, your esteemed and exceptionally good-looking host. I started this podcast because I love America and it makes me sad to see what the political class is doing to our country.
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