The Ritz Report

The Ritz Report

sometimes all you can do is laugh

COVID and scummy smurf AKA dr. fauci
Just when you thought the little liar was gone for good, he has poked his scummy little smurf head up again. Please go away
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European Central Bank Loser, Terrorist Truckers and COVID fallout

Only the most interesting topics for all my great listeners. Thanks for checking out the podcast – please share and...

Idiot Parade

Today we celebrate the idiots that lead us so we can be depressed all weekend. Thanks for listening. please share...

Prepare your Kids for Whats Coming

Its not a matter of if, its just a matter of when. Your kids will be subjected to a barrage...

The President of Yale is clueless or a liar

The president of Yale release a statement to the students of Yale calling for civility and open dialog. Has he...
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Howdy, y’all and welcome to The Ritz Report. My name is Alex Ritz, your esteemed and exceptionally good-looking host. I started this podcast because I love America and it makes me sad to see what the political class is doing to our country.
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