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Fauci will become the Cuomo of COVID

Dr. Fauci will go down in history as the Andrew Cuomo of COVID. Early on in the pandemic, NY Gov Andrew Cuomo was riding high on his popularity and his ridiculous daily press conferences. Every lib from coast to coast was singing his praises and wearing their Cuomo-sexual underwear. Fast forward to today and he’s toast. For now. Never trust a Cuomo. I suspect Fauci’s arc of fame will be similar. Just like the Cuomo-sexuals, there are those who proudly display their Fauci bobbleheads and throw pillows. They bow at the altar of Fauci. His fall from grace will be far grander than Cuomos. It should be. He’s done far more damage. Let’s take one of the numerous lies Fauci has told.This gem is about Ivermectin. In the following clip, the hapless Jake Tapper of CNN fame questions Fauci about the “horse dewormer” Ivermectin. Notice around the 35-second mark Fauci talks about people taking it at “a ridiculous dose and winding up in the hospital.” What if it isn’t taken at a ridiculous dose? He then goes on to say that there is no evidence that it works. Maybe someone should tell him that it’s listed as one of 3 treatments on the National Institute of Health website. But, I’m sure he knows that. Maybe he should have shared that with Jake.

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