This looks concerning

I know questions are no longer a thing in our culture as we descend into a dystopian hellscape but I can’t let this one go by uncommented on. Does anyone think there may be a reason to be concerned looking at the covid charts on

Fools in charge in Oregon

Gov Kate Brown has decided in her extreme wisdom that 15 counties in Oregon must be moved to an “EXTREME RISK” classification, shuttering indoor dining and putting in place other ineffective mandates.

Fool in charge in Oregon

She’s a member of what party? Wait for it…

She has determined that since there are 300 people hospitalized with COVID that more lives and livelihoods need to be destroyed.

Yes, you read that correctly – 300 out of a population of approx 4.2 million.

That works out to be about .00007% of the population but so what, this is an emergency you know….mask up you idiots. It’s clearly been working so well.

fool with mask

The more the plans fail, The more the planners plan”

Ronald Reagan

Mask on….mask off

And you thought after you were vaccinated you could take off your mask??? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

loser of the free world….see what I did there?